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We don't consider ourselves "videographers" by any means but thought that some of you might enjoy seeing live events as they occur;  moments which we've chosen to document by recording short videos and share with those of you who may not have had the opportunity to see in person. 

Please excuse the poor quality, but each is made spontaneously in an effort to take you along with us.

Our hope is that, at least in part, you feel the experience, too.    

Laurel Falls

February 20, 2020

A Winter Hike to Laurel Falls. 


Early Morning Visitors

August 10, 2018

Apparently we picked the wrong day to sleep in.

Here's what our security camera caught on video while we were still snoozing. 🐻

Baby cubs are so much like children. Besides learning from their mothers, all they want to do is play!

Bears are amazing!

Snowfall at Newfound Gap

January 29, 2017

The first snowfall of 2017 where we were able to get up the mountain.  We knew that the park service would close Newfound Gap Road as up to five inches of snow was expected.  We managed to get to the Gap just as a ranger arrived asking everyone to leave as the road conditions had become slick and very hazardous.  We captured some snowfall along the way as well as stopping by Alum Cave Bluffs to capture some images before returning home.  We hope you enjoy our winter drive up the mountain!

Falling Leaves

October 21, 2016

We spend much or our free time in nature and off the beaten path.  While hiking in the backwoods of Cades Cove on this beautiful Autumn day, every so often a light breeze would blow through, the leaves would rustle, then softly fall from the trees.  We decided to record a short version of why we enjoy the seclusion and share it with all of you.

Cataloochee Elk 2016

September 27, 2016

A short video of an alpha bull in Cataloochee.

In the beginning you'll see him display the flehmen response since rut season is in full swing.

Watch to the end to hear him bugle!

Wild Turkey Families

June 29, 2016

For all you nature lovers out there, the above video is for you.  These wild turkey families were out exploring on a rainy day in the mountains.  The technical term for baby turkeys is "poults" but we prefer to call them "turklets". 

Sorry about the shakiness at times but it was taken handheld with a telephoto lens so as not to disturb them.

A Mother Bear and Her Yearling Cub

June 20, 2016

June is typically break-up month for black bear families with yearlings.  Mother bears separate from their young after about 18 months and encourage them to begin lives of their own.  Subsequently, the mother bears typically mate again and if they have had plenty of nourishment prior to hibernation, give birth in the month of January and emerge from their dens in the spring with their new little ones.  We were surprised to come upon these two whom we've been fortunate enough to observe since they emerged that spring.  They had yet to separate, but sometimes mother bears will allow their females to stay in the same area after they have.  Clearly this particular mother bear was still very close to her remaining cub (she lost her male his first year) as she was still with her, and even tolerating her to nurse.  We spotted them deep in the woods, and after they noticed us proceeded to take a nap in the shade of a warm afternoon.  We set the camera up on a downed log, extended the telephoto lens, and watched them sleep, respectfully and quietly for well over an hour.  If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the mother bear breathing and the yearling trill as she nurses.  This short video may be boring to some, but it will never be for us.

Watching these amazing animals in the wild is what we live for.

Snowfall in the Smokies

May 5, 2016

While it was a gloomy and rainy, Spring day here in Gatlinburg, a short trip up the mountain transported us back a season. 

We don't remember the last time that it snowed in May so we wanted to share with you all what our world looked like on this wintry, Spring day.

Snowfall at Greenbrier

February 12, 2016

We awoke this morning to the surprise of snow falling and rapidly accumulating.  We quickly donned our winter garb and headed out to Greenbrier as every other road in the National Park was closed.  We went in as far as we could until we encountered a ranger who informed us that we needed to exit as they were closing the gate behind us deeming the roadway too unsafe for travel.  We hope you enjoy a little part of what was a beautiful, although short lived, winter morning here in the Smokies.

Tranquil Waters

October 16, 2015

Take a few moments and allow the tranquil waters

of the Great Smoky Mountains streams

to float all your cares away. 

Smoky Mountain Elk

August 18, 2015

Per request, here's a very short video of the elk near Oconaluftee.

In the second sequence, listen for the baby calf calling for her mother.

Snowfall at Newfound Gap

February 12, 2015

For those of you who wonder why the park service often closes Newfound Gap Road, here's why.  We were at the top of the mountain when the road closed and a whiteout ensued.  We recorded portions of video so that you can feel as though you were along for the ride.  Please note that Dramamine may be advised for some of you ;-) and don't forget to turn up the volume for the full blown experience.  Enjoy!

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